I would love to invite you to join me at a Humanitarian Workshop for Kids!
What do I mean by a Humanitarian Workshop? Exactly that.
I have been to Kenya, Africa three times over the past year, and on my last trip brought 6 moms and 7 kids with me. It was an incredible experience for all of us, and as a result, an idea was born.
What if we could bring the experience we had serving families in Kenya to Utah?
That is what we are doing with these workshops. And for this session, we will have a Maasai warrior from the Maasai Mara in Kenya teaching us! Moses Masoi is the leader of our humanitarian expeditions in Kenya, and he is visiting the United States for a cultural exchange experience.
The workshop will be around 3 hours. It will include videos, storytelling, and group discussions and masterminds around how to help specific families that we know and love in Kenya. It will also include learning presentation, marketing and sales skills, because your kids are going to get challenged!


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    These classes are going to be amazing! Your kids will learn about humanitarian work from an incredible Maasai warrior who is visiting the United States to participate in cultural and fundraising events in 3 states.
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