Homeschool On Fire:

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Business & Homeschool

Grab my step by step book on the top tools and systems that I use to balance my business and homeschool!


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What You Will Learn With This Book

For three years I have put my heart and soul into two things: My Business as a strategy coach for entrepreneurs, and homeschooling my two kids!

This book will reveal to you:

benefit1How to Actually Do It All!

The journey I took from barely surviving to a six figure business.

benefit1The Challenges That Will Define You

The challenges that will help you define what you really want in your business and homeschool.

benefit1 The Step by Step Plan

The Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Essentials to keep you moving forward one goal at a time!

benefit1Tools To Help You Succeed

The incredible tools and programs that I use every day to help me stay focused on my vision!

benefit1Choosing Mentors

Why your personality type matters when you are looking for mentors and training programs.

benefit1The One Tool to Rule Them All

The best tool I have ever found for goal setting and implementation.

I've Made It As Easy As Possible

If you are like me, you struggle with time management! You need a simple system that works, and you also need an easy way to read this book.

View on all of your favorite devices

This is a book that you will want to read in front of your computer, so you can do the challenges and implement as you go. I chose Kindle and .pdf formats to make that happen for you!

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Like I said, I have homeschooled for three years, and during that time I have built three businesses. Ambitious...Or Organized?


I paid over $30,000 in training to learn the information, systems, and tools that I share in this book!

I will be honest. My clients pay me thousands of dollars to work with me one on one. I've put in 20 years of work to become an expert in business strategy. I've hired mentors to help me every step of the way, and now I want to mentor you, so that you can have confidence in running a business and homeschooling your kids at the same time!

It was only natural for me to apply some of the principles, systems, and tools to my homeschool. I understand the struggle, and applaud your willingness to lead your children and live your purpose.

What can you accomplish when you have the support you need?

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