About Heidi

Heidi TottenAbout Heidi Totten

Heidi Totten is a homeschooling mom of two, and runs two businesses, Heidi Totten Consulting, and Inspire the Sprouts. In July 2014, she felt guided, nudged, and inspired to look for other homeschooling moms trying to balance running a business at the same time. For three years she felt very much alone in her journey, and was thrilled to find that there were families out there doing both!

Asked to speak on the Home Education Council of America Not Back to School Summit, she created a training program on how she uses her system to balance her life. Now, she has written a best-selling homeschool book about her experiences and how she pulls it all together. Not perfectly, but her motto is “Done is Better Than Perfect!”

Grab Homeschool on Fire and The Homeschool System and come along on the journey to Inspire the Sprouts!